Dolls' house collection.

1/12 Scale Tudor Dolls house collection





These are some of our 1/12 Scale Dolls house collection. Please note these are some of the styles of our houses and our range is not limited to only these.

Our dolls houses are totally finished inside and out and fitted with transformer powered 12v lights. Each house is individually built and unique.

We are happy to discuss any variations to fit in with your own requirements, which we will incorporate during construction. Each house takes about 4-10+ weeks to make, depending on its size and content. We normally ask for 25% deposit before start of the house and rest payable once the house is complete (before shipping).


Rose Cottage


               Approximately Size 

               18" Wide

               23" High

               17" Deep

               2 Large Rooms ideal for a child or as a starter house


Approximate price range: £375


The Old Post Office




          Approximately Size 

              24" Wide

              23" High

              17" Deep

              2 Rooms with a attached garden space. 




Approximate price: £575

The Laurels




              Approximately Size 

              26" Wide

              25" High

              18" Deep

              3-4  Rooms, an ideal dolls house for any house. 





Approximate Price: £875


The Gables

Picture10Approximate Size: 

33" High

32" Wide

18" Deep

6 room on 3 floors




Approximate Price: £1225


The Coach House


_wsb_304x460_DSC_0744                                   _wsb_316x457_DSC_0768


Approximately Size: 44" High, 34" Wide, 19" Deep.

7 Rooms on 4 floors, ground floor can be divided into two smaller rooms or a one large one.

Approximate price: £1425


Windsor Lodge



                        Approximate Size:

                                  42" High

                                  34" Wide

                                  19" Depth


             7 Rooms in a very intersesting structure. Balcony on the 2nd floor.









Approximate Price: £1425


The Merchants House



                                    Approximate Size: 

                                    44" High

                                    32" Wide

                                    19" Deep


                    6 Rooms on 4 floors with an external staircase.










Approximate Price: £1425


The Tudor Manor


Approximate Size:

36" High

40" Wide

22" Depth

Large Hall in the middle + 7 rooms, grand stair case in the hall leading to first floor room.



Approximate Price: £1800


Lea House



                    Approximate Size:

                    34" High

                    48" Wide

                    19" Depth





Approximate Price: £2000




no31                      34


Beautifully house with some very interesting features. This house has a large Hall on first floor with an Oriel window. An interesting alleyway with led lit torch.

Approximate size: 38" High, 40" Wide 24" depth.

Approximate price £2200


Manor House


DSC_0844                                   DSC_0846


Very latest in our range, this amazing house is custom made for a client. This house is fitted with LED fireplaces with hammer beams, panels in 2 rooms and very good carvings on fireplaces and beams. 

Approximately size: 46" High, 21" Depth, 42" Wide

Approximately price: £3200

Grand Manor House



Approximate size: 

59" High

42" Wide

24" Depth


Approximate Price: £4200